This workshop will be the first to be held in CAEPIA conferences, and focuses on sharing the state-of-the-art, models, algorithms, simulation, and implementatios in all areas of quantum artificial intelligence, identifying challenges as well as research needs, and aiming to encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation.




The topics of interest within the scope of this workshop include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Quantum information: quantum registers, quantum gates, quantum simulation.
  • Quantum algorithms to accelerate/solve tasks in AI: quantum algorithms for linear systems of equations (HHL), Grover search, Shor Algorithm, quantum Fourier transform.
  • Classical AI algorithms to solve problems in quantum physics: learning Hamiltonians, quantum tomography, regression and symbolic regression in quantum systems.
  • Quantum-inspired AI algorithms: quantum neural networks, quantum metaheuristics, quantum fuzzy systems, quantum data science.
  • Quantum learning theory.
  • Quantum annealing and optimization.
  • Quantum communications and quantum cryptography.
  • Theory and practice on running quantum software and algorithms in simulated and real quantum computers.
  • Hardware platforms for quantum computing.
  • Other topics relevant to quantum computing, AI and real applications.

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