The capabilities of new sensors and communication networks have grown exponentially in recent years thanks to technological advances in fields as diverse as medicine, education, industry, renewable energy, electronic devices, mobile phones, etc. The enormous amount of data generated in this complex framework leads to the emergence of new problems to be addressed, where BIG DATA technologies focus on the handling and display of relevant information of these new data flows generated. The use of metaheuristics in general and evolutionary algorithms in a more specific way in the field of machine learning have allowed to face these complex scenarios and to extract relevant knowledge in a simple and fast way.

This special session focuses on showing the general benefits and advantages of evolutionary computing applied to complex problems of Data Science such as the Internet of things, big data environments, continuous data flows, etc.

This workshop aims to provide a meeting point for all researchers to discuss and share ideas about metaheuristics based on evolutionary techniques applied to this kind of scenarios.




Topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Smart cities with evolutionary algorithms.
  • Autonomous robots with evolutionary systems.
  • Design of intelligent methodologies for IoT.
  • Remote monitoring and interoperability on IoT.
  • Development of intelligent systems in electronic devices.
  • Flow analysis with sensors.
  • Ambient and collaborative intelligence..
  • Evolutionary algorithms for IoT.
  • Integration of cloud computing with evolutionary algorithms.
  • Knowledge fusion with evolutionary based metaheuristics.
  • Federated learning with evolutionary algorithms.

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