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The national congress on Metaheuristics, Evolutionary and Bioinspired Algorithms (MAEB), aims to be a forum for meeting, discussion and knowledge transfer between researchers in the field of metaheuristics and bio-inspired algorithms, in order to present and exchange experiences and results.

Contact: maeb20-21@easychair.org



Some of the methodologies based on metaheuristics and bio-inspired algorithms for solving optimization problems or their applications for problem solving are of interest in this congress.

  • Ant Colonies Optimization
  • Cross-Entropy Method for Optimization
  • Classification and Learning Algorithms
  • Constraints Programming
  • Cooperative Heuristics
  • Differential Evolution
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Estimation of Distribution Algorithms
  • Evolutionary Strategies
  • Evolutionary Programming
  • Fuzzy Metaheuristics
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Guided Local Search
  • Genetic Programming
  • Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search
  • Hybrid Algorithms
  • Hyper-heuristics
  • Iterative Local Search
  • Immune System Algorithms
  • Memetic Algorithms
  • Multi-objective metaheuristics
  • Metaheuristics
  • Natural Computing
  • Neural Networks
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Path Re-linking
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Simulated Annealing
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Scatter Search
  • Tabu Search
  • Variable Neighbourhood Search

Program Committee (pending confirmation)

Jesús S. Aguilar-RuizPablo de Olavide University
Enrique AlbaUniversity of Málaga
Ada ÁlvarezAutonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico
Ramón Álvarez-ValdésUniversity of Valencia
Lourdes AraujoUNED
Joaquín BautistaPolytechnic University of Catalonia
Gema BelloAutonomous University of Madrid
José Manuel BenítezUniversity of Granada
Enrique BermejoUniversity of Granada
Christian BlumINRIA
Julio BritoUniversity of la Laguna
Rafael CaballeroUniversity of Málaga
David CamachoTechnical University of Madrid
Vicente CamposUniversity of Valencia
Jorge CasillasUniversity of Granada
Pedro A. CastilloUniversity of Granada
Francisco ChávezUniversity of Extremadura
Manuel ChicaUniversity of Granada
Francisco ChicanoUniversity of Málaga
Carlos A. CoelloMexican Academy of Computing, Mexico
Ángel CorberánUniversity of Valencia
Oscar CordónUniversity of Granada
Carlos CottaUniversity of Málaga
Sergio DamasUniversity of Granada
María José Del JesusUniversity of Jaen
Bernabé DorronsoroUniversity of Cadiz
Abraham DuarteRey Juan Carlos University
Richard DuroUniversity of A Coruña
José EgeaPolytechnic University of Cartagena
Javier FaulínPublic University of Navarra
Antonio J. FernándezUniversity of Málaga
Alberto FernándezUniversity of Granada
Juan Carlos FernándezUniversity of Cordoba
Francisco FernándezUniversity of Extremadura
Maribel G. ArenasUniversity of Granada
Alfredo G. Hernández-DíazPablo de Olavide University
José Antonio GámezUniversity of Castilla-La Mancha
Carlos GarcíaUniversity of Córdoba
Salvador GarcíaUniversity of Granada
Nicolás García-PedrajasUniversity of Cordoba
Juan A. GómezUniversity of Extremadura
Antonio GonzalezUniversity of Granada
Pedro GonzálezUniversity of Jaen
Antonio González-PardoAutonomous University of Madrid
Pedro Antonio GutiérrezUniversity of Cordoba
Francisco HerreraUniversity of Granada
Cesar HervásUniversity of Córdoba
José Ignacio HidalgoComplutense University of Madrid
Angel A. JuanOpen University of Catalonia
Manuel LagunaUniversity of Colorado Boulder, Colorado USA
Juan LancharesComplutense University of Madrid
Darío Landa SilvaUniversity of Nottingham, United Kindon
Pedro LarrañagaTechnical University of Madrid
Francisco LunaUniversity of Málaga
José María LunaUniversity of Córdoba
Gabriel J. LuqueUniversity of Málaga
Rafael M. Luque-BaenaUniversity of Málaga
Mariano Luque-GallegoUniversity of Málaga
Luis MagdalenaTechnical University of Madrid
Rafael MartiUniversity of Valencia
Belén MeliánUniversity of la Laguna
Alexander MendiburuUniversity of País Vasco
Pablo MesejoINRIA
Daniel MolinaUniversity of Granada
Julián MolinaUniversity of Málaga
José A. MorenoUniversity of la Laguna
Antonio J. NebroUniversity of Málaga
Julio OrtegaUniversity of Granada
Joaquín PachecoUniversity of Burgos
Eduardo G. PardoTechnical University of Madrid
María Del Carmen PegalajarUniversity of Granada
Juanjo PeiróUniversity of Valencia
David PeltaUniversity of Granada
Antonio PeregrínUniversity of Huelva
Raúl PérezUniversity of Granada
Julio R. BangaInstitute of Marine Research, CSIC
Juan R. RabuñalUniversity of A Coruña
Helena Ramalhinho LourencoPompeu Fabra University
Roger RíosUANL
José RiquelmeUniversity of Sevilla
Jose Luis Risco-MartínComplutense University of Madrid
Víctor RivasUniversity of Jaen
Carlos Andrés RomanoPolytechnic University of Valencia
Alejandro Rosete SuárezTechnological University of Havana, Cuba
Rubén RuizPolytechnic University of Valencia
Yago SáezCarlos III University of Madrid
Sancho SalcedoUniversity of Alcalá
Luciano SánchezUniversity of Oviedo
Roberto SantanaUniversity of País Vasco
Thomas StützleINRIA
Leonardo TrujilloTechnological Institute of Tijuana, Mexico
Ángel UdíasRey Juan Carlos University
Andrea ValsecchiUniversity of Granada
Miguel Ángel VegaUniversity of Extremadura
Sebastián VenturaUniversity of Cordoba
José Luis VerdegayUniversity of Granada
Pedro VillarUniversity of Granada
Juan VillegasAutonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico
Gabriel WinterUniversity of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Amelia ZafraUniversity of Córdoba

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