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Within the conference, the following list of awards and recognitions will be given to those speakers who stand out in the competitions and activities proposed.

The following prizes will be considered:

  • Best article submitted:
    • 1st prize: 300 euros and accreditation diploma.
    • 2nd prize: diploma.
    • 3rd prize: diploma.
  • Best student article:
    • 1st prize: 300 euros and accreditation diploma.
    • 2nd prize: diploma.
    • 3rd prize: diploma.
Apps & Videos Competition:
  • 1st prize: 600 euros and diploma. For each competition.
  • 2nd prize: diploma. For each competition
Doctoral Consortium:
  • 1st prize: 300 euros and diploma.
  • 2nd prize: 150 euros and diploma.
  • 3rd prize: accreditation diploma.
Frances Allen Award:
  • 1st prize: 350 euros and diploma.
  • 2nd prize: 150 euros and diploma.

Chairwoman of Awards Committee

Frances Allen Award

AEPIA aims to give greater visibility to women researchers in the field of Informatics in general and Artificial Intelligence in particular. It must be the job of public bodies and information technology associations to promote the presence of women in the classrooms of our centres. This award is intended to promote the great work of scholarship holders, professors and researchers to serve as an example to future students of computer science studies.

Frances E. Allen is an American scientist, first woman to win the Allan Turing Award in 2006. Expert in compilers, code optimization and parallelization, her name is intended to pay homage to pioneering women in research and work in computer science, almost always identified with men.


Awards (sponsored by the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence -VRAIN-)

Two prizes of 350 and 150 euros respectively and a diploma will be awarded for the two best doctoral theses defended by women from 1st June 2019 until the final date of receipt of proposals in the field of AEPIA research.

The submission of proposals for the Fances Allen CAEPIA20/21 awards requires prior registration on the EasyChair portal.



To be eligible for the award, each candidate must submit a document that must not exceed FOUR pages:

  • Title of thesis, director/s, department and University.
  • Date of thesis defense and qualification obtained.
  • Brief summary
  • The list of relevant publications, which must include the JCR index of the journal, relative position in its field and citations in SCOPUS or WOK and its relationship with the doctoral thesis.
  • Brief justification of the relevance of the thesis: transfer of knowledge obtained from it, projects, stays, etc.
Contact: caepia20-21_francesallen@easychair.org


  • 1st PRIZE: Aurora González-Vidal.
    Data analytics Approaches in IoT based smart environments.

  • 2nd PRIZE: Laura Morán Fernández.
    Simple but not simplistic: reducing the complexity of machine learning methods.

Important Dates

Frances Allen Award
20 June

Evaluation Committee

  • Eva Onaindía, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Antonio Bahamonde, Universidad de Oviedo
  • Alicia Troncoso, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

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